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In 1991, after practicing law for about 20 years, I went through one of those self-evaluation times in which I wanted to figure out “what to do with the rest of my life.” Until that time, my practice included a variety of what are known as “transactional” matters. My emphasis had always been in the areas of the Estate Planning, Probate, Guardianship and similar matters. I also did work in the areas of Contracts, Corporations, Partnerships, Leases and the like.

As I reflected on my past legal experiences, I came to the realization that Estate Planning was, and is the area that I found to be the most rewarding. I value helping people avoid the emotional and financial headaches and problems that arise from no planning, or poor planning.

I‘ve seen my clients live with the results of bad planning. Death and disability are difficult enough to deal with. When you add the financial and legal implications of an incomplete estate plan or no estate plan set up at all, it can be devastating to the surviving spouse and family members.

So, in light of this reflection and self-examination, I decided to focus my business totally on the area of Estate Planning. I want to do my part to “get the word out” about the problems and pitfalls in the Estate Planning area. I started writing a monthly Estate Planning column in The Sun and conducting monthly, educational estate planning seminars – free to the public. My goal and desire is to help people through this very important and real process. “Estate Planning, It’s What We Do!”

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